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Take this simple quiz and find out if Net Results is the right marketing communications project management fit for you.

Do you require more people to produce your MarCom programs?

 Definitely — we have too many programs to produce and not enough
people to work on them.
 Somewhat — we have the people we need, but everyone is stretched
to their limit.
 No — we have exactly the number of people needed to produce
amazing MarCom programs.

Do you find that you are in danger of not making a crucial deadline that will cost you the success of your MarCom program?

 Very much so — it doesn't look like we'll deliver this project on time and
it is essential to our sales goals.
 Perhaps — the project isn't going very well now. But we might be able
to pull it off in the end, especially if people work more hours to finish it.
 No — we have everything under control.

Are you looking for help to produce MarCom materials that you’ve never produced before to ensure you do it right — the first time?

 Yes — we have a project that we want to do, but are unsure of how to proceed.
 Maybe — we've done similar projects, but we're concerned
about possibly making expensive mistakes.
 No — we're confident we can figure it out.

Do you need experienced vendors to produce your MarCom projects?

 Absolutely — we don’t have any vendors we can trust to produce our materials.
  Perhaps — we have some vendors that might be able to handle the job,
but we’re not sure if they are the right ones.
 No — we have exactly the vendors we can count on.

Can you benefit from streamlined processes that save you time and money on the production of your MarCom programs?

 Absolutely — we currently don't have effective processes for producing
our MarCom programs.
 Maybe — we do have some processes but they don't seem to be as effective
as we want.
 No — we already have effective processes that ensure we don't
encounter any glitches.

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