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March 2006

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the latest edition of the Net Results newsletter. In this issue, you'll discover the value a project manager can bring to your marketing programs -- and your bottom line. The feature article shows how project managers have emerged to become one of the key factors for a successful marketing program. And be sure to order your free Project Management Toolkit containing the tools you need to hire an exceptional project manager.

In This Issue
  • Your MarCom Project Management Experts
  • Featured Article: Making Sweet Music
  • FREE OFFER: Project Management Toolkit
  • Helpful Tip: Know your budget

  • Featured Article: Making Sweet Music

    Why a Project Manager Is a Powerful Business Asset

    Project managers are very much like orchestra conductors. The conductor leads the talented musicians to successfully communicate the symphony's vision to the audience.

    Similarly, the project manager leads the creative team to effectively communicate the key marketing messages to the customers and achieve the business objectives. Project managers are considered to be one of the key factors for marketing program success and essential for improving the bottom line.

    Read more on our web site or download the full article now.

    FREE OFFER: Project Management Toolkit

    How do you determine if your marketing program needs a project manager? Where do you find an exceptional one? And what criteria do you use to hire the right one? This Toolkit will guide your decision-making process with the following materials:

    • Considerations when making your project manager hiring decision
    • Finding an exceptional project manager
    • Hiring an exceptional project manager
    • MarCom Vendor Selection chart

    Helpful Tip: Know your budget

    #4. Know your budget.

    As part of the management approval process, the project budget should also be finalized. Now is the time to allocate the available funds among the various project elements. It is best to keep strict accountings of the project costs so there are no surprises at the end of the project -- such as running out of money before it's finished.

    Your MarCom Project Management Experts

    Let Net Results transform your overdue, over-budget, and under-resourced MarCom Web, multi-media, and product launch programs into on-time, on-budget, and on-target successes.

    "An experienced project manager is a critical link to the success of any creative services project, and Deborah Hoard of Net Results has proven her worth many times over. Her cool head, creative solutions, and ability to manage all of the moving parts=94 were key in producing successful results. I look forward to having her as part of our team on future projects."

    J= im Williamson, Principal Williamson Communications

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