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March 2005

Welcome to the new Net Results Newsletter.

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  • Your MarCom Project Management Experts
  • Featured Article: It's All in the Process!
  • New! FREE Executive Briefings
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  • Featured Article: It's All in the Process!

    Creativity and original thinking are worthy objectives, but who has the time to be innovative when you're bogged down by a never-ending stream of administrative tasks?

    Don't despair...there's a way to break this cycle. Simply turn your tedious tasks into highly effective streamlined processes.

    "Processes?!" you ask. Won't they hinder my creativity with a more restrictive regimen? No, not one bit. In fact, effective processes do just the opposite.

    Read more on our web site or download the full article now.

    New! FREE Executive Briefings

    Want a valuable tool for keeping your MarCom project on track? Then contact us for a FREE Executive Briefing (a $250 offer with no obligation) to learn a project management secret that will keep your project running smoothly.

    Choose one of these three FREE executive briefing offers:

    MarCom Project PM Scorecard  Perform preventive maintenance on your project to stop it from going off track further down the line. Our handy scorecard will highlight what is going well on your project and what danger areas you need to correct before you miss key milestones.

    MarCom Vendor Selection Chart  Not sure how to choose a vendor for your project? We'll share our exclusive 15-criteria decision chart that ensures you get the vendor who will best fit your needs. And we'll even recommend a few of our experts to contact!

    MarCom Project Folder Checklist  This often-overlooked tool can keep your project in line by allowing you to quickly find information and ensure all relevant project data is kept secure. Let us walk you through the 3 key steps to effectively organize your project folder.

    Helpful Tip

    #1. Gather the key people you need for your project team.

    Ensure that the people who can answer critical project questions are on your core team — from those doing the work to the ones who know the direction executive management wants. In addition, make sure your team members consist of the people who are making the final decisions on objectives and budgets and will be approving the project at key milestones.

    Your MarCom Project Management Experts

    Let Net Results transform your overdue, over-budget, or under-resourced MarCom programs into on-time, on-budget, and on-target successes. Learn more on our web site.

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