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Get Net Results! Volume 3 Newsletter
December 2005

Dear Reader,

In this issue, you'll find a wealth of information on producing Web sites. The feature article shows how you can apply lessons for building a house to construct your Web site. And be sure to order your free Web Starter Toolkit with the tools you need to begin your project.

In This Issue
  • Your MarCom Project Management Experts
  • Featured Article: Grab Your Hard Hat
  • FREE OFFER: A Web Starter Toolkit
  • Helpful Tip: Obtain executive approval

  • Featured Article: Grab Your Hard Hat

    Steps for Successful Web Site Construction

    As with building a house, you want a Web site that is attractive, solid, and built in the most cost-effective, timely manner possible. However, with building both houses and Web sites, there are so many details to decide, pitfalls to avoid, and considerations to take into account that it can make the experience overwhelming. And, if you are not careful to plan ahead, both constructions can take twice as long and cost three times more than you expected.

    To help you produce your dream Web site without any nightmares, I've borrowed ten critical steps from building a house that can be used to construct a Web site easily and quickly.

    Read more on our web site or download the full article now.

    FREE OFFER: A Web Starter Toolkit

    Wondering how to start your Web site development project? Order your free Web Starter Toolkit to obtain the basic tools you need to plan your site design. The Toolkit consists of a:

    • Checklist so you don't forget a step
    • Schedule outlining typical tasks and milestones so you can produce a timeline
    • Navigational Map to assist you in outlining your site
    • Plan Template to help you capture the details
    • Article full of valuable tips from a top Web designer

    Helpful Tip: Obtain executive approval

    #3. Obtain buy-in from executive management.

    Once your creative brief is completed, it's time to present it to executive management for their blessing. If the right people are on your team, your plan should accurately reflect management's goals and, therefore, obtaining buy-in is simply a formality. After their approval is received, you'll have their commitment to the project, making it easier to work with their staff.

    Your MarCom Project Management Experts

    Let Net Results transform your overdue, over-budget, and under-resourced MarCom Web, multi-media, and product launch programs into on-time, on-budget, and on-target successes.

    "An experienced project manager is a critical link to the success of any creative services project, and Deborah Hoard of Net Results has proven her worth many times over. Her cool head, creative solutions, and ability to manage all of the moving parts=94 were key in producing successful results. I look forward to having her as part of our team on future projects."

    J= im Williamson, Principal Williamson Communications

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