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Global Client Wins Awards After Net Results Executes Web Site Turnaround

Key Actions:
Assessing the situation immediately
Gaining buy-in from management and the teams
Developing a phased project plan with key calendared milestones
Improving team and individual cooperation
Recommending navigation and content organization
Delivering major milestones to the Client's upper management as promised
Pushing the project through to completion
When the Client realized they were in danger of not delivering an Internet redesign critical to a major company announcement, they called on Net Results.

After Deborah Hoard assessed the situation, restored team confidence, and installed project processes, associates began making their milestones. The result? A new external Web site that won two industry awards.

Founded in 1993, the Client is a global provider of personalized self-service Web applications, specializing in Web-based interactions, transactions, and process enablement. The company has 1,000+ customers and more than 400 employees in multiple locations worldwide. With a customer list that includes Cardinal Health, Japan Airlines, Toyota, the U.S. Air Force and Vodafone, as well as partners such as Accenture, Capgemini, NCR and Oracle, and TRW, the company is considered an Internet leader.

Two months into a 300+ page redesign of the external Web site needed for a major product announcement by the CEO, the project was in danger of not being delivered on time. Key milestones were not established, the teams involved were in chaos, and it appeared that the project would be unsuccessful. The company's reputation with industry and financial analysts rested on meeting the launch deadline. To rescue the project from imminent collapse, the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing called in Net Results' Deborah Hoard.

"Under the guidance of the original project manager, the team's efforts were fractured, and the site was in serious jeopardy."
Nathan Butler, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

Performing an immediate assessment, Hoard found that relationships between the Marcom and the Web teams were strained, leading to mistrust and a lack of communication. Working only with the major announcement as their deadline, the teams had no operating framework, few processes, and, as a result, little progress.

Hoard entered into an intelligence-gathering mode by talking with individuals, teams, and the larger marketing group. Within days, she formulated a phased project plan with key milestones and attained buy-in from executives and all team members. Acting as a facilitator, she rebuilt communication among individuals and teams, eliminating issues that were roadblocks. She quickly became a trusted partner and refocused team energy on achievements.

"I look at the big picture and make it all fit. People want to do a good job — it's about instituting structure so they feel successful."
Deborah Hoard, Net Results

Weekly project meetings became routine. As teams and individuals knew what was being accomplished, emergencies were eliminated. With their confidence restored, the Marcom and the Web teams consistently hit their milestones. The project got back on track and launched successfully.

"We brought Net Results on board, and within a few weeks they took the lead on the project and cultivated a renewed team focus and delivered on time. We not only had a successful launch, the Web site has since won two industry awards!"
Nathan Butler, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

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